We offer companies the diagnostic tools to create requirement profiles and compare them with the personality profiles of potential candidates. Primarily deployed in the field of recruiting, the MPPI enables companies to develop effective and efficient hiring practices that ensure they land the right fit for key positions. Companies can also benefit from our expertise in the personnel diagnostic sector to ensure optimal utilisation and integration of existing human resources and to develop a retention plan specific to their business and people needs.

Who is the best person for the job? Let's find out!

Employment Agencies

Employment agencies can use our diagnostic tools to help first-time job seekers recognise and better understand their personality and motivation during their professional orientation phase. These findings enable the optimum matching of jobs and professions to their personality type. In many cases, an objective assessment of their potential can also make job seekers aware of promising further training opportunities and career choices not previously considered. This increases the likelihood of long-term retention.


Just like any other organisation, universities are also looking to attract the best talent. Our diagnostic evaluation tools help universities swiftly identify high potentials and develop structures that nurture and engage such talent. Our tools enable the fast and objective selection of suitable candidates for admission to restricted study courses, or for the allocation of scholarships. Our vocational preparation courses show students how to interpret various personality types, thus aiding their personal further development and giving them a head start in their professional careers. Our research work and science projects also involve extensive collaboration with universities.


Our potential-oriented test methods enable an in-depth understanding of an individual's willingness to learn and of their motivation, which is particularly useful to schools. This enables the development of effective and focussed didactic measures for individual pupils. Individual weaknesses can be compensated for and personal strengths reinforced by developing methods for improving planning and communication skills. This will improve the educational achievements of school pupils, which, in turn, enhances their career opportunities on leaving school. Our tests help young people to fulfil their true potential and highlight the particular strengths of individuals. This can be a huge help when making fundamental decisions in terms of training and further education.

Recruitment Companies

Recruitment companies can deploy our diagnostic tools to accelerate time-to-hire and improve sourcing of the right candidate. They can use it to create a powerful and efficient database that enables fast, flexible and client-oriented performance. It is crucial, for example, that personnel consultants have access to a fast selection and hiring process, as any follow-up assignments will be dependent on the accuracy of their hiring decisions. Temp agencies also benefit from using our products. Their clients value the fact that they are ensured an optimum fit for the job and they have the assurance that the performance of that candidate can be improved and further developed.

Police and Armed Forces

The police and armed forces carry a huge burden of responsibility when performing what is a very physically, and often mentally, demanding job, so it is important that any trainees are completely trustworthy and capable. The dimensions measured in our MPPI-18, such as "mental stability", "resilience", "conscientiousness", "integrity" and "self-assurance", therefore play a key role in the selection process. The process allows the swift identification of candidates who are not only resilient and self-confident, but who would be loyal to their employer and perform their duties responsibly and conscientiously.


The judiciary and the forensics sector offer huge scope for the application of personality tests. On the one hand, deployment of such tools aids the appointment of the right candidates to positions of considerable responsibility, for example by ensuring the emotional stability and integrity of a judge. And on the other hand, scientific methods of describing personalities add weight to forensic reports during legal proceedings. They also help prisoners to develop an internal locus of control, which empowers them to take responsibility for their situation. Similarly, potential analysis tools make it easier for them to discover their suitability for a particular profession and facilitate the rehabilitation process and their re-integration back into society.

Sporting Organisations

When scouting for new talent, our personnel diagnostic tools enable sporting organisations to obtain information on applicants that goes above and beyond physical capabilities and has the highest predictive validity for long-term success. Key personality traits are motivation, self-assurance, emotional stability, resilience and internal locus of control. When it comes to nurturing talent or creating a team, a mixture of specific personality traits is crucial to ensure both harmony and productivity.

Recruiting Platforms

As a People Analytica co-operation partner, we provide you with the tools for a range of assessment methods in conjunction with traditional interviews, which means your process is robust and objective. A 35-page evaluation report is created for each potential candidate with full details of all key personality traits. A comparison with a specially weighted requirement profile then produces a percentage value, which reveals how well suited the candidate is to the organisation, both in terms of skills and cultural fit.


Our licensees (personnel diagnostic specialists, consultants, trainers and coaches) use our tools to provide efficient services that are scientifically and professionally sound. In a rapidly changing environment, professional organisations have increasingly complex and sophisticated targets and requirements. Diagnostic tools must be state-of-the-art and reflect the latest talent management and recruitment processes. The selectivity and scope of dimensions measured by our cutting-edge MPPI tools enable licensees to offer a range of services that reflect the needs of modern organisations where human capital plays an increasingly significant role.