Introductory workshops

Our workshops are designed to give you a hands-on introduction to our products before you put them to work in your own organisation. By choosing a range of employees to take part, you can get a good cross-section of impressions. At the beginning of the workshop, participants take part in our online MPPI-18 personality test. You will then learn more about the wide range of application options supported by the MPPI in different contexts. This is followed by individual discussions covering the respective test results with the aim of analysing the participant's strengths and showing options for their personal further development. This gives participants practical experience of the usefulness and validity of our methods.

Training courses

MPPI-4Q makes it much easier to have successful and productive talks with customers and colleagues.

Training courses are based on the use of our MPPI-4Q version, which concentrates on the four most communication-relevant personality dimensions in everyday life. When negotiating and responding in the respective environment, we all follow behaviour patterns that depend on personal beliefs and evaluations. Those who are able to recognise these patterns and address them will find it far easier to deal with people. MPPI-4Q measures the four personality dimensions that are particularly crucial. It can be helpful in many areas of professional life, such as affording sales staff a better understanding of themselves and their customers and showing them how best to usefully implement that knowledge. Similarly, it can help management staff to provide individual support for their employees and nurture and utilise their strengths.

In addition to gaining practical experience of our measuring methods, we also offer support documentation tailored to the course and showing management staff, sales staff, teams and other professionals how to leverage their new found knowledge in every day life to enhance their goal or customer-oriented communication skills. The documentation deals with all aspects of professional everyday life, such as: How do I determine what type of person I am talking to? What is the best way to deal with this person? What is my best approach? What is the best way to ensure that negotiations serve a useful purpose?

You can obtain this documentation and a certification for a license fee. If you would like to obtain the documentation for management and negotiation skills, as well as a license and certification for the use of MPPI-4Q in one of our workshops and/or training courses, please allow two days for one of our courses to learn how to usefully deploy these diagnostic tools. We can also recommend highly qualified and reputable certified partner companies to undertake the MPPI-4Q training.

Requirement profiles

We are also happy to develop requirement profiles in collaboration with the client on request. Such a profile would be based on a description of the duties involved and a definition of the personal requirements of a job. In order to develop requirement profiles, we use the critical-incident technique to categorise the relevant dimensions and dimension ranges and the paired comparison method to weight the dimensions. This considerably increases measuring and prediction accuracy over conventional methods. You will also have access to a comprehensive database of existing requirement profiles for a wide range of positions and professional sectors. We will develop the optimum solution, tailored to your individual requirements. Please contact us for further details!

MPPI-18 certifications

Our client certification programme means you can have one or more of your own in-house specialists in a very short space of time. Such certified specialists can then carry out all evaluations, interpretations, comparisons with requirement profiles, group analyses and other evaluation options in-house. This not only gives you extremely cost-effective access to the whole range of personnel diagnostic services, but also gives your organisation the opportunity to develop valuable expertise. In just three two-day sessions, you will know everything you need to know to effectively implement our psychometric procedures using MPPI-18.

The certification programme (six days in total) comprises the following:

1. MPPI-18 certification – Basics
During the first certification workshop "MPPI-18 – Basics", participants are shown the theoretical basics of psychometry, the quality criteria of the procedure and the various practical applications of the MPPI-18. On successful completion of the course, all participants are able to use MPPI on their own, interpret evaluation reports and expertly classify test persons. The first workshop also covers the basics of talent mapping as a basis for organisational and HR development. Participants also gain proficiency in handling the software.

2. MPPI-18 certification – Advanced
The aim of the certification workshop "MPPI-18 – Advanced" is to reinforce and deepen previously acquired skills concerning the application of the MPPI-18. The core of this workshop is requirement profiling. During the creation of the requirement profile, particular attention is paid to all the relevant details to ensure optimum validity of the measurement comparisons. On this basis, participants learn how to effectively deploy the MPPI-18 for a wide range of target groups, such as sales and marketing. As well as the advanced interpretation of test results, considerable emphasis is placed on the evaluation session with the test person. Using practical examples, this session gives participants the opportunity to practice giving feedback that is not only factually correct, but is provided in such a way that the recipient of that feedback (the test person) gains valuable knowledge that can be positively and effectively exploited.

3. MPPI-18 certification – Expert
Participants who successfully complete the certification workshop "MPPI-18 – Expert" are proficient at handling large and complex data volumes and are able to compile group comparisons, rankings and best cases, as well as analyse and interpret findings. The course also covers how to deal with difficult and particularly challenging cases, such as using the procedure in change management or outplacement situations. The workshop will also help you gain proficiency in drawing up well-balanced letters of recommendation and compiling individual reports in compliance with common industry standards. To conclude the workshop, participants will sit a theoretical and practical final exam that covers all the topics of the previous certification workshops.

Training to become a qualified personnel diagnostic specialist/profiler

Would you like one or more employees to be trained as a qualified HR diagnostic specialist? We offer training courses that run over several months with block events lasting several days, during which your employees will learn everything they need to know about HR diagnostics. With this basic know-how, you will be in an excellent position to know how well your employees are performing. At the same time, you will be acquiring the basis for advanced recruiting, interview techniques, the creation and execution of assessment centres, talent management, etc. You can choose from a range of elective subjects to deepen expertise in specific areas. The cost of your investment will vary according to the level of qualification required. Participants must be certified in the use of MPPI and will be required to undergo a selection procedure to determine suitability.

Consultancy services

Within the framework of our consultancy services, we will assess your needs and help you develop standards, group profiles, job descriptions and requirement profiles for recruiting, placement and change management – or address any other areas where you require improvement. If you wish to put your organisational and HR development on a scientific footing, we can draw up blueprints for best practice, benchmarking and cultural analyses. On the basis of these measurements and analyses, we can also provide expert recommendations on how best to leverage the results based on our many years of experience. Our key aims are to increase retention, increase employee satisfaction, increase utilisation of existing talent, and thus, increase productivity. If you are looking for a reliable and competent partner, look no further, our highly qualified and experienced team of HR diagnostic specialists are ready to meet any challenge you have to offer.