Personality traits are relatively stable. In order to fairly assess and treat the differences among individuals, it is crucial to be realistic. True success can only be achieved by those able to recognise and exploit their full potential. Which is why People Analytica is dedicated to helping people effectively invest their time and energy: in the strengths of their own personality.

In the case of recruitment, for example, it is essential to be able to accurately predict the suitability of a candidate for the job. However, this process must also be able to predict the potential of an individual, with additional growth and development, for long term future performance. If a candidate is lacking certain skills for the relevant position, these can be acquired with relatively moderate application, as can behavioural and communication skills. If, however – in spite of a high level of professional competency – the candidate is not the right cultural fit or does not have the right personality, it makes sense to talk openly, and at an early stage, about possible alternatives. This accelerates professional development and enhances the satisfaction of all involved.